Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Reclaiming my house #1

So here goes!  I'm taking back my house from clutter and saving my babies from the spiders.   The spiders are back and there are too many places for them to hide.  However, I'm 7 months pregnant, tired, and achy! So we're taking this slowly.  

2 new habits that I've been working on this week:
1.  No dirty dishes
2. No piles of laundry

That seems reasonable...doable even for a messy like me.   

Extras today:
30 minutes in garage...You can't really tell, but I've filled the Kia from top to bottom with stuff for good will.  You have to start somewhere!  

Next up: a bottle of water and art until a kid comes home.   Then I'll deliver all the junk, pick up the baby, and start a stir fry dinner.   Or maybe it's time for the teen to cook!   

I'm still trying to find balance, but I think I'm doing better. If my house were less full of junk, it would be easier to clean...

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